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At this point, you must have a qualified technician change out the worn components using a wheel bearing press to restore your vehicle to good working condition and eliminate distressing noises and poor ride quality. At first, bad wheel bearings will start to squeak loudly while you drive.

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You will know it is time to replace the wheel bearing if the noise is constant, not just when you press the brakes. If you allow the problem to worsen, your vehicle might feel shaky while you drive, especially at high speeds. In order to understand the big picture and repair your vehicle properly, technicians must check wear on a variety of components from tires and brakes to tie rods and control arms to find the source of the noise and vibrations. In many cases, the diagnostic process will quickly pinpoint the front wheel bearings as the cause.

Upon confirming the diagnosis, a technician will write up a work order that includes the total cost to replace your wheel bearings. Technicians receive ample training to learn how to change wheel bearings correctly. Technicians use heavy-duty tools in the shop, including a large press, to pop the bearings out of the hub. On most vehicles, your technician must remove the tire, rotor and hub to access the bearing mounting point.

After placing the hub in the press, it takes several minutes to change the wheel bearings.

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Your new bearings must also be pressed into the hub to seat their rear surface at the correct point. Upon completing the service, the technician will take your vehicle for a test drive to check the noise levels and ride quality. If all goes well, you will then have your vehicle returned to you.

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Standard messaging and data rates may apply. Consent not required for purchase. Wheel bearings play a vital role in keeping the wheel attached to your vehicle. Without wheel bearings, your wheel is essentially unattached. This can be very dangerous, especially while traveling on highways at high speeds. Did you know that with each Sun Devil Auto oil change we include a complete multi-point inspection?

T2W Garage: Replacing Front Wheel Bearings on a Toyota FJ Cruiser

As part of our inspection, our Technicians check front and rear wheel bearings for excessive play or movement. Our commitment to providing quality auto care with experienced and certified technicians and top of the line equipment, at a competitive price is what makes our business the dealership alternative. Visit your neighborhood Sun Devil Auto today for all your automotive needs.

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Enter your email address and we'll email you a digital version of this coupon that you can present on your mobile device at your Sun Devil Auto Shop. Skip to content. Find a Location Locations. Make An Appointment Appointments. What Is a Wheel Bearing? Unbearable Bearings After performing for thousands of miles, it is common for wheel bearings to wear out. Signs of Worn Wheel Bearings When wheel bearings lose their ability to roll, your wheels will generate more heat than usual and the ride may not be as comfortable. The friction produced from the rubbing produces a grinding sound that increases in volume with more speed.

Steering Wheel Shakes — Steering wheel shakes happen for a variety of reasons. Typically, when wheel bearings are the cause of such vibrations, you feel the shaking at lower speeds. The shaking will only get worse and may even occur while accelerating if not addressed. Poor alignment results in unevenly worn tires.

Wheel Alignment in South Elgin, IL

Ideally, all four tires should be aligned with complete contact with the road, resulting in even wear. Worn tires can be dangerous, especially when driving in wet weather. Usually, the tire that is worn the most is often the same wheel that has defective bearings. Vibrations and Shaky Ride — Failed wheel bearings produce an unfavorable ride.

Until the wheel bearings are replaced, the shakiness will persist and may even worsen.

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Play in the Wheels — Most often this symptom will be identified by a technician. When your vehicle is up on the lift, a technician will grab the wheel on either side and attempt to rock it back and forth. If the wheel assembly wobbles back and forth, worn out wear bearings are likely the cause.

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